Plagiarism: You Can Trick An Online Checker But…

I have been an editor for a magazine for a long time. Plagiarism is something the magazine does not tolerate. Indeed, it is not tolerated anywhere in the world of publishing. One you are caught plagiarising, you tarnish your reputation and the publisher will not take any work from you. The Just English magazine has been under my editorial care for several years and I have only ever caught one writer who plagiarised several of his submissions. Then, when I commissioned work from writers on Fiverr, I was horrified to find many writers who use ‘online rewrite tools’ to steal … Continue reading Plagiarism: You Can Trick An Online Checker But…

Chinese Newspapers for Cycle For Life Fundraising

Sin Chew newspaper: Guang Ming newspaper: Search for: 林健慶 PDF versions Continue reading Chinese Newspapers for Cycle For Life Fundraising

Milo Recipe

These are my recipes to make my own Milo. Milo was a copy of Ovaltine. Ovaltine was a chocolate version of Horlicks. Horlicks was a malt drink. And I think I can make my own chocolate malt drink instead of buying branded drinks. So, I bought malt flakes, chocolate powder, milk and sugar, and tried a few recipes. My goal is not to duplicate Milo but to make a healthy drink that is acceptable by my children. Their breakfast consists of only a mug of drink so I need to make it hearty for them. Malt is sweetish. You can … Continue reading Milo Recipe

How To Travel By Yourself

Travelling is one of the best things one can do in life. To experience another culture, to see another city, to taste different foods and drinks, and hear the sounds of foreign people is so amazing! Gone are the days of guided tours where you are taken to see the sights and then forced to buy souvenirs. I have been travelling by myself for several years now and I love it. Sure, it gets a little lonely but with a smile you can easily make friends. Choosing a destination I choose destinations based on my budget. I use Google Maps … Continue reading How To Travel By Yourself

Tourist Scams: How To Avoid and Enjoy Yourself

I was recently in Hanoi, Vietnam for a holiday. What a great city it is! And yes, I was scammed, even though I was careful not to be. Despite that, I still enjoyed my holiday. Here is my trick to have a happy holiday: Don’t count the pennies. On the first night in Hanoi, I went looking for dinner. I saw a street vendor with a few locals eating at his place and sat down at a table. The Vietnamese sit on short tables and little stools. I was brought a menu in English and was surprised to see that … Continue reading Tourist Scams: How To Avoid and Enjoy Yourself

So What Have Millennials Contributed to Society Besides Complaining?

Here is how I spot Millennials. Anyone who says things like these: “It’s my right to…” “Okay, Boomer.” “My parents/older generation/Gen-X/Boomers are so dumb!” “I Googled it and you’re wrong.” “There are no jobs for me”, “I can’t afford to buy a house”, “We have inherited a broken earth!” “Listen to me…” The Millennials are the most self-centred, narrow-minded, demanding know-it-alls who are too clever for their own good. They think they know so much that everyone else is an idiot. And just because no one corrects them or that contrary opinions are drowned out, they actually think they are … Continue reading So What Have Millennials Contributed to Society Besides Complaining?

Milo Is 40% Sugar. Really!

Update: I wrote this on my Facebook and some friends commented on it. Something Cheng Huat commented got me thinking: what if the ‘sugar’ in Milo is carb? That would mean, the sugar is natural sugar from the malt itself. If you think about it, all plants have ‘sugar’. It is stored energy from photosynthesis.I think I might have jumped the gun on this one. Original article: Today I went looking to buy malt. A few days ago, I watched a video that accused Milo of having 40% sugar. I checked it out myself and, to my horror, found it … Continue reading Milo Is 40% Sugar. Really!

God Jehovah Rapha And The Global Pandemic of 2020-2022

In 2020, a deadly virus called COVID-19 swept the earth. It spread like wildfire. Not a single country escaped it. There was no protection from it. Once you got it, you either passed it on, fell sick, ended up in the ICU or died. There was no cure either. Except from God. Every Christian was protected from COVID-19 by God. It is stated in the bible that God is also known as Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals. Those who believed in God were protected by the power of God. Not a single Christian contracted COVID-19 or fell sick or … Continue reading God Jehovah Rapha And The Global Pandemic of 2020-2022